Its imperative many industries will benefit from the implementation of a cloud-based IoT system, such as companies working with refrigerated or frozen products requires proper monitoring systems to ensure optimal storage conditions. Food preparation industries house their ingredients, groceries and monitor shelf life, hospitals chill vaccines, and businesses everywhere require precise temperatures from their fridges and freezers.

Sensor Management gives you a cloud-based IoT system that both manages your equipment’s status and provides a history of its performance.

Many government agencies and food administration regulators now require this information to meet their health and safety codes. Sensor Management reliably collects real-time and historical data you can access on a cleanly designed platform with an easy-to-use interface.

The system immediately alerts you to any appliance malfunctions so you can quickly relocate your product and prevent spoilage. You can additionally use the system to monitor your power consumption for 110v – 220v AC appliances and save money while avoiding break-downs.

Sensor Management supports a wide range of daily business operations. Use it to —

Improve record keeping

Information collected by Sensor Management sensors is routed over the network and stored on a secure server. Data can be accessed and archived from any location.

Cost reduction

Manually collecting your refrigeration information is neither timely nor accurate. The Sensor Management system give you ‘round-the-clock real time accuracy.

Access to data

All platforms with permission have timely access to the Sensor Management database.


Sensor Management’s cloud-based IoT solutions can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of industries.

Food Preparation
Catering services, restaurants, butchers, bakeries,  ice cream parlors, convenience stores — any business needing temperature and humidity controls for the safety of their food.

Health Care
Certain medicines and vaccines depend on refrigeration for their effectiveness. Hospital kitchens additionally follow strict mandates while preparing food for patients with specific dietary concerns.

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries implement very precise heating and cooling requirements critical to the success of their products and research.

General Businesses
Larger office facilities typically come with kitchen and vending amenities that may require close monitoring.


The Sensor Management configuration is a cloud-based IoT system that securely stores your sensor data on a server maintained by Sensor Management.

Clients make no investment in additional software, servers or system maintenance.


The philosophy behind the Sensor Management system and products are threefold;

1. Easy-to-install components.
2. High-quality products with long lifetimes and low maintenance.
3. A reliable, easy-to-use platform designed for peace of mind.

IoT devices by Sensor Management

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